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Once Upon Atrocity, Pt. 1

These are the first three chapters I have written so far. =] They are currently posted on, under my username MandiMalice or .Countess Mandi.; I love writing this one. Enjoi. <3

"If-if I marry you, I want to keep my siblings here. With me." She said to him, glaring at him between tired, heavy-lidded eyes. She was tired, of course, the whole day of her 17th birthday was given up entirely to cleaning the dirty old house. He had sucessfully got the Baudelaires in his clutches again, a couple years after he planned on it. They were too tired to keep running, tired of fighting him off of their backs. And for once in their life, they gave in. Gave up. It was not like them, of course. But Violet would do anything to keep her siblings from facing Olaf's murderous plant to kill them if they were to ever try to get away again.


He stared at her with such intensity. She waved him off. "It's not like anything would change after the marriage..." She continued, thinking of something to say. "I mean, they could continue living here under my care, and...and they won't cause any trouble." She was basicaly pleading, begging him now. She didn't want him to just...dispose of them when he got his hands on her and the fortune.


"So, Violet. If I let you keep them with us here, you would go through with the marriage?" He asked, running a light finger down her jaw line. She shivered slightly under his touch. "Yes." She whispered, looking at Sunny and Klaus' direction on the other side of the living room. They looked scared. Klause told her not to go through with it, not to let him get to her. But she knew that if she didn't comply with Count Olaf, something bad was bound to happen to them. And she couldn't just let that happen.



“Soon, the rain will wash away the sun; as I melt with you, I am Ghost.” –Dead Girl Epilogue, Pt. 1 [I Am Ghost]


Preparing for the wedding wasn’t all as bad as bad as she thought it would be. The white-faced ladies, Flo and Tocuna prepared her fully, lining her eyes with black kohl, and powdering her face to perfection. They smiled as they took a step back to let Violet admire herself in the mirror. She could hardly see herself, as the mirror was full of residue from hair spray. She smiled lightly back at them and nodded a ‘thank you.’ At least the dress is beautiful… She thought to herself. She never admired her own beauty, even though Olaf and his associates often made her aware of it.


She slipped on the dress and walked out of the tent. One of Count Olaf’s assosiates, the person of indetermanant gender, or “Orlando” as Sunny likes to call him, took her by the arm as they walked to the edge of the isle. The spotlight was on them as he led her down it to Olaf. Everybody stood up and smilled at her. It wasn’t like the play that they had put on those three years ago. Violet was now 17, and there wasn’t that many people in the crowd. It was a small, private cermemony, the only people in their company were Count Olaf’s assosiates, and friends of theirs. Klaus and Sunny sat in the first row, Sunny in tears, and Klaus comforting her. “She’s doing it to save us, Sunny. Don’t worry. Just trust her…” She heard him say as she switched arms with “Orlando” to Olaf.


The priest that did the ceremony was very scruffy, obviously a greedy old man that did it just for the money, money paid to keep his mouth shut about the arrangement. The recitement of the vows didn’t last long, under Olaf’s instructions. “Quick and easy…” He mumbled to himself. “Speed it up.” She smiled slightly, looking to her brother and sister for encouragement. They simply smiled, not out of happiness, but out of gratefulness, happy that their sister would go through something like this just to keep them alive. “So like Violet.” He would tell Sunny at night when she got anxious. “So like Violet…”


With one small, short kiss they were declared married, a legan document signed and pocketed for further use when he would withdraw some of the money that was in the bank under Violets name.


The ride home was a long one, and like Violet arranged, Klaus and Sunny sat in the back of his car. Violet leaned against the window in the passangers seat, searching for a glimpse of happiness in her mind for the future. “Just think, Violet. I—we could get a new home with the money.” She simply shrugged her shoulders. Why was he being so nice, all of a sudden? Was all she could think. It clouded her mind like a think fog. Unable to get an answer, she let herself fall asleep against the door.


The night was cold and drafty, a slight breeze woke her up while she was being carried over the threshold and into the warm home. Sunny and Klaus followed close behind Olaf, not wanting to stray and something happen to their sister. The troupe was already there, parading around the living room, drunk of course. Already… Count Olaf sat her down on the couch and took a glass of wine for himself as he was swarmed by Flo and Tocuna. “Absolutly magnificent acting, you handsome devil…” Flo said, before getting nudged in the ribs by her sister. “He’s takin now, Flo. Don’t smother him.” Reluctantly, she backed off, her hands in the air. “Sorry, sorry…” She said, half laughing.


Klaus and Sunny took a seat in an unoccupied recliner, tired and restless. Sunny climbed out of Klaus’s lap and walked her way over to Violet, who, at this time, already had a wine glass shoved into her hands by Olaf. “Yuck.” Sunny mumbled, causing Violet to look down at her and smile. “Sleepy, Sunny?” She bent down and picked up her younger sister and held her. Sunny always felt comre comfortable in the arms of her sister, and immediately fell asleep the moment her head rested on Violet’’s shoulder. Sipping some of the old wine out of the glass, she tried to listen in on the conversation Olaf was having with his assosiates. “…a nice new home…no, you lot cannot crash there…unless I get one big enough…and some new clothing for me, Violet, and the two brats she’s dragging along.” Typical. She thought. Talking about spending the money before he even withdraws some.


“Violet!” Her head shot up, trying to recognize the voice that had jerked her out of her thoughts. “Drop the aby and come here.” Olaf. She sat down the wine glass and handed Sunny back to Klaus, and walked over to the group slowly, unaware of their intentions for her. Tocuna whiped outmeasuring tape and started measuring around her hips. “Sure has grown in well.” She mumbled, calling out numbers to Flo. She was generally embarassed now. What girl would want her measurements called out in front of everybody. Olaf patted her shoulder and laughed. “A Countess does not wear such torn up clothes, dear.” She raised an eyebrow and nodded, biting her lip. “Lovely.”


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So far so good, I'm looking forward to more!
Looking forward to seeing what happens!
Where is everybody?

Don't tell me this place is dead )=

I guess I'll have to write more & keep it alive.