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TWSWS (Chapter 2)

Author: Nanaki Everblaze
Story: The World Shakes With Silence
Pairing: Olaf/Violet, hints of Olaf/Kit and Olaf/Esme
Summary: Nostalgia breeds sadness, sadness brings fear, fear hoists hate, hate mirrors love, and love causes nostalgia. A circle of catastrophic dimensions.
Disclaimer: While I might've enjoyed my romps with the characters of ASOUE for the last five years, I never have (and doubtfully ever will) own the rights of the Baudelaires and all they've encountered. All that belongs solely to Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler (except perhaps the Count, who belongs to himself in addition).
Warning(s): Rated M for nudity, sexuality, and coarse language. Oh, and there's spoilers, too. C:


Chapter Two


“You're all really boring, you know that?”

There was a pause in the previously non-stop scramble as four heads turned to face him, their expressions ranging from disgust, to fear, to downright hate.

“What, exactly, are you looking for, anyway?” Olaf sighed, lounging on the table in candour and using a book as a pillow.

Violet glanced up, not meeting his eyes. “We're looking for Mushroo--” she broke off in a huff, standing suddenly and stomping over to him. For a moment, the curtain of her hair shifted and her expression of almost unbelievable frustration nearly made him cower against the wooden table, but she merely grabbed the book from under his head and stomped back to her desk.

Within moments, the other orphans crowded around her, muttering amongst themselves.

Rolling onto his back, Olaf stared up at the ceiling, contemplating taking a brief nap while the orphans did whatever they needed to, when he heard a smattering of their conversation.

“What do carrots have to do with Violet getting married?” Fiona asked Klaus, while Violet was clearly trying to ignore her question.

Smirking, the count pulled himself to his feet.

“A stubborn mule does not move in the direction you want it to,” he began, striding towards them as all eyes, except his future wife's, turned to follow him. “Thus, you must dangle a carrot in front of it, and a stick behind it, because it will move towards the reward of food and away from the punishment of pain. Similarly, Violet will marry me, in return for giving her... well, all of you, in this case... a chance to save the brat.”

“He's done this before,” Klaus muttered to Fiona, who looked mortified. “Same speech, almost word for word.”

Olaf glowered at him. “Well, perhaps if you had understood it the first time, you wouldn't be in this pickle.”

“Enough, Olaf.” He tilted his head to see Violet, glaring past her brother. “You said you wouldn't interfere.”

Olaf gritted his teeth and strode over to stand behind her. “Excuse me, my dear,” he hissed before leaning down and whispering into her ear. “Sorry for sparing you the explanation.”

She didn't respond to this, opting to ignore him as she scanned through the book in front of her.
“So what's wrong with the brat, anyway?” he asked, rhetorically addressing the bookworm and Fiona, seeing how Violet was clearly disinterested in talking to him. She surprised him, however, when she slammed the book down onto the table and grinned triumphantly.

“Absolutely nothing. Klaus, Fiona, come with me, bring Sunny.”

Olaf followed them anyway.

“Violet, why are we in the kitchen?”

“Yeah, Violet, why are we?” Olaf echoed, smirking.

Violet took a deep breath as though calming herself. “The book says that the antidote is horseradish. Root of horse, to be exact, but it's the same thing. I figured it out from the note Kit sent to Gregor Anwhistle.”

Olaf's brain came to a jarring halt, even as the other children scrambled around the room. 'Kit and Gregor...?'

“It's gum! There's nothing but gum! And...”

There was a very long pause as Klaus's shocked silence broke through his thoughts. Frowning, he spotted all the orphans looking into the fridge, and he slid up behind them and peered over their shoulders.

They were staring at a large cake, the words “Violet's Fifteenth Date,” written in deep green icing.

'Fifteenth what?!'

“I completely forgot,” she said, dropping to her knees while Olaf gritted his teeth as his mind came to the most obvious conclusion. “It was my birthday, back when we were in the grotto. I completely forgot.”

The count blinked as something clicked into his head, followed by a surge of relief. “So you're not...”

Violet looked up at him, looking tragic and confused, but he didn't bother finish his question so she merely turned her attention to the diving helmet beside her.

“Sunny remembered,” Klaus said quietly. “We can't let her die.”

Olaf wasn't entirely certain whether to scoff at this attempt of comfort or not. “Too bad wasabi wouldn't work,” he said, half-joking and trying not to smirk.

“W-what did you say?”

Violet was blinking up at him in apparent shock.

Olaf frowned slightly. “Wasabi. It's a lot like horseradish, everyone knows that. But you don't have any.”

Violet didn't reply, already digging in her pockets for something. And, lo and behold, there was wasabi.

'You've got to be shitting me.'


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